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Lena Palmer

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Menu Mistakes

As an editor, I’m constantly reviewing publications for grammar, spelling errors, style and more. Since I do that all day, it’s natural for that to bleed over into my personal life. Nothing drives me crazier than when I go out to eat and find spelling errors on a menu. Typically, it’s only a few, but still enough to make me shake my head. Imagine how I felt when I went to a popular restaurant in Middletown, CT, and found their 12-page menu riddled with mistakes!

I started taking pictures of the worst, but there were just too many. It was so distracting, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat. I looked back at the photos later and ended up finding more errors from what I had originally photographed.

If you were printing a publication that many people are going to see, wouldn’t you want to make sure you don’t make silly mistakes? Mistakes like these make people lose confidence in your abilities. If you don’t care enough about proofreading a menu, what else do you not care about?

We’re taught from an early age to reread our work, and with the digital age came the spell check button. While it doesn’t catch everything, it captures obvious spelling errors. If you’re not a professional proofreader, it can be easy to miss a mistake. Here are some tips to help prevent errors:

  1. Use the spell check tool. This is an obvious one, but something people often neglect.
  2. Reread your work. Everyone makes mistakes. You’ll be surprised at what you catch just by rereading your document. Also, spell check doesn’t catch word misusage (such as their, there or they’re).
  3. Walk away. Give yourself some time between writing and rereading your text. Getting some distance will make mistakes more apparent.
  4. Have someone else read your work. We’re often too close to a project to recognize mistakes. Your brain knows what you wanted to say, so it will automatically correct mistakes to what you had intended. At MVI, we always have at least one editor and one proofreader reading through every project.
  5. Read backwards for spelling errors. When reading forward, your brain can correct mistakes to what it thinks it should say. Reading backwards prevents the brain from making those assumptions.
  6. Use the spell check tool again. It never hurts! You’ve made proofreading changes to your document, so check again to make sure you haven’t input any new errors.

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  • Stamford Chamber of Commerce

    We just received our supply of maps, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Media Ventures for the superb job you did. It is great to work with a professional organization such as yours that does what it says it's going to do ... and deliver on time!

    We appreciate the time you spent with us upfront deciding on design elements, paper stock, layout, and distribution channels. It was a smooth process from the very beginning.

    John P. Condin

    President & CEO

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