Heidi Nelson

Heidi Nelson

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LinkedIn Growth

LinkedIn followers grew 119% over two years

28,145 organic search traffic increased to 88,331

150% increase in website traffic



The results of our client's social marketing campaign and SEO have been beyond our expectations. Over a three year period, the website has seen a 160% increase in traffic with over 100,000 new visitors (uniques). The number of visits has increased 140% over the same time period, while there has been an 81% jump in the number of pageviews. Impressively, organic search traffic has leaped up 214% in a three year period. Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts have all experienced at least double digit growth and are now regularly connecting the magazine to its audience and potential advertisers.

The content strategy we used for this client launched them into the world of social media, which directly impacted their online and print sales. Overall, this client now has more action on their website and is a solid competitor on social media in the pharmaceutical industry. Our strategies not only took their social media to the next level, but also their business.

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About Us

  • You’ve got an audience to reach, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a company newsletter, magazine, chamber directory, local map, visitor guide, social media management or anything in between, MVI has the expertise to deliver your product, in print, digital or mobile format.


  • The Greater York Region Chamber of Commerce

    Once again you have proven that your company is one of the best in the business! The Maine Beaches Association, with a grant from the Maine Office of Tourism, accepted the bid from Media Ventures to complete a comprehensive re-do of our regional fulfillment piece, as well as update our website and create a new rack card and DVD.

    I am so impressed by the work you've done and the improvement that has been made in these lure pieces! In one instance, your clever use of icons changed a cumbersome page into an easily readable chart for our visitors --- a design that none of us at the table had even imagined --- and we've been at this for a lot of years!

    The coordination of all the parts and pieces of these products has gone so smoothly, and the end products are beyond what we had expected. Thank you for once again giving us visitor enhancement products that make us shine!

    Cathy Goodwin


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